The Michigan Cannabis Education Network is on a mission to bridge the knowledge gap between traditional and cannabis medicine. Our experienced team of certified and dedicated professionals will provide cannabis education to patients, medical professionals, and the community.

The team at the Michigan Cannabis Education Network specializes in cannabis education. It is our goal to lead the way in cannabis education and provide a positive stigma for the cannabis industry.

The Michigan Cannabis Education Network  is your source for education regarding the Michigan cannabis industry. The MCEN was founded by visionary Cathleen Graham whom has dedicated her life to medicine. She’s a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Registered Nurse and Regional Weekend Service Operations Manager for one of the nation’s largest hospice programs.

Cathleen is passionate about her desire to bring comfort and dignity to patients and families dealing with life-limiting illnesses. She strives to open the minds of healthcare professionals. Cathleen is in the constant pursuit of educating others on how to utilize cannabis in various patient settings.

The Michigan Cannabis Education Network is driven by passion and dedication. We’re here to help both patients and the business community with all their needs regarding medical cannabis education in Michigan. 

The world of medical cannabis can be confusing at times.  What is the best way for me to consume cannabis?  What are the qualifying conditions to become a medical cannabis patient? Where can I find cannabis consulting? These are all common question in the Michigan cannabis community. Not all cannabis is created equally and each strain effects people differently. This is why education is so imperative regarding cannabis.

The Michigan Cannabis Education Network was honored to host "Michigan's Cannabis" as part of the Medical Marihuana Community Education, Communication, and Outreach Program funded by Baraga and Osceola Counties.

The educational events hosted included a presentation by Cathleen S. Graham of the Michigan Cannabis Education Network team and covered the following aspects; 

Cannabis Safety, Patient and Caregiver rights in Michigan, Responsibilities of Caregivers and Patients, Knowledge of Laws, Regulations, and Restrictions, Michigan Medical Cannabis Qualifying Conditions, Legal and Ethical Issues Specific to Michigan State Law, Essential medical information about the Endocannabinoid System, and the History of Prohibition and the prior use(s) of Cannabis and Hemp.