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Cannabis Nurse is a holistic education and medical cannabis consulting company on a mission to bridge the knowledge gap between traditional and cannabis medicine. Our experienced team of certified and dedicated professionals will provide cannabis education to patients, medical professionals, and the community. 

The team at Cannabis Nurse specializes in cannabis information and dosing recommendations. It is our goal to lead the way in cannabis education and provide a positive stigma for the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Nurse is your source for information and news surrounding the Michigan cannabis industry. Founder and visionary Cathleen Graham has dedicated her life to medicine. She’s a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Registered Nurse and Regional Weekend Service Operations Manager for one of the nation’s largest hospice programs.

Cathleen is passionate about her desire to bring comfort and dignity to patients and families dealing with life-limiting illnesses. She strives to open the minds of healthcare professionals. Cathleen is in the constant pursuit of educating others on how to utilize cannabis in hospice and palliative care environments effectively. 

Cannabis Nurse is driven by passion and dedication. We’re here to help both the private and business community with all their needs regarding medical cannabis in Michigan. 

The world of medical cannabis can be confusing at times. What cannabis strain is the right one? What is the best way for me to consume cannabis? What dosage should I take? What are the qualifying conditions to become a medical cannabis patient? Where can I find cannabis consulting?  These are all common question in the Michigan cannabis community.

The Cannabis Nurse team is here to help answer whatever questions you may have. When you are looking to learn more about medical cannabis in the state of Michigan, you can trust the information you will receive from the Cannabis Nurse team.

Cathleen Graham Cannabis Nurse, Certified Hospice and Palliative Care RN

Cathleen Graham Cannabis Nurse, Certified Hospice and Palliative Care RN


Cannabis Nurse Education

Cannabis Nurse is here to clear the air and help answer questions that you may have about cannabis. Education on this plant is paramount. Cannabis has a very scientific world that far surpasses the stigmas and stereotypes of the past. 

Guest Speaking

Cannabis Nurse Guest Speaking

Cannabis Nurse is available for speaking engagements at your next event. We have a diverse network of professionals that know cannabis and are ready to put that knowledge to work for you. When you need every word to be heard, you need Cannabis Nurse.


Michigan Medical Cannabis Consulting


Cannabis Nurse provides high quality consulting services for patients, caregivers, medical professionals, business, and government in the Michigan community. When you need answers, we're here to help. Cannabis can be confusing but it doesn't have to be.  If you have questions, ask a Cannabis Nurse.

Cannabis and Palliative Care Guidance


Cannabis Nurse combines passion and experience in working with patients and families within hospice and palliative care environments. We use this knowledge to help families and patients utilize cannabis during end of life care.  If you have questions about how cannabis might help you or a loved one, Cannabis Nurse has answers.

Cannabis Regulations and Compliance


Cannabis regulation and compliance doesn't have to be a difficult task. Talking with someone who knows the in's and out's of this area is important. Cannabis Nurse is here to help advise you on how to stay compliant and adhere to MI cannabis regulations.  When you need help with regulations and compliance ask Cannabis Nurse.


Americans for Safe Access


 2019 ASA Medical Professional of the Year Award 

Hospice of Michigan


 2013 Annual “HOMER AWARD” for Teamwork

 2016 Annual “HOMER AWARD” for Community Outreach

Visiting Physicians Association


 2016 Annual “ALL HEART AWARD” 

Acceptance Speech

2019 ASA Medical Cannabis Professional of the Year Acceptance Speech




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