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Education is key surrounding cannabis. This is true now more than ever before. At this time there are 33 states in the United States that have opted for cannabis legalization in some manner or another. Despite this progression towards ending prohibition in the United States there are still many gaps in the education surrounding this plant for many. Cannabis Nurse is here to help provide scientific-based non bias cannabis education and to answer the questions you have surrounding this widely misunderstood and stigmatized plant.

Cannabis Nurse is very versed in the science of cannabis, its many uses, as well as how it can help specifically with end of life care. If you have questions about cannabis and want them answered by a professional, the educational sessions offered by Cannabis Nurse are for you! Some of the educational session types that are offered by Cannabis Nurse can be found below.

· Community-Based Educational Sessions

· Education Sessions for Medical Professionals

· Private Group Educational Sessions

· Educational Sessions Covering Michigan Cannabis Laws

· Federal Political Education Sessions 

· State Political Education Sessions 

· Local Political Education Sessions

· Introduction To CBD

· Cannabis 101

· Cannabis and PTSD

· Cannabis as Part of Integrative & Complementary Therapies

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Disclaimer: The educational sessions offered by Cannabis Nurse are not meant to substitute medical advice.

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